A Southern California native, Alexandra grew up in a close-knit family with deep rooted faith. Always musical, Alexandra participated in school choirs, talent shows and enjoyed piano, guitar and vocal lessons. Among her earliest musical memories is when she and her mother took piano lessons together when she was just in the first grade. Alexandra’s musical journey continued as she explored the Los Angeles music scene where she honed her skills as a demo/studio singer, sang with some local bands and performed in vocal showcases.

It wasn’t until she discovered the craft of songwriting that she was able to truly express herself through music.Alexandra Celano Studying with veteran songwriting coach David “Cat” Cohen, Alexandra embraced songwriting, an art form that allowed her to meld her strong writing background with her spirituality and love of music. Initially unsure of what direction her songwriting would take and with a natural folk/pop/country vocal sound, she started writing and recording an original country-pop album. As she began working on the project, however; she wasn’t finding inspiration from secular themes, but rather from her Christian faith. About the same time, she met her husband, Bryan, in church choir. Bryan, also a musician, became her musical and life partner. With his help, she finished her album project.

Alexandra knows today that it was the grace of God that ultimately led her to write and record a Contemporary Christian album. It may not have been a direct path, but all of the pieces fell into place…according to His plan.

The album is an eclectic mix of country, americana, pop, gospel and contemporary Christian songs. With its soothing melodies and prayerful lyrics, it is Alexandra’s hope that the songs inspire listeners to greater faith, love and communion with God.

Website: alexandracelano.com